Thursday, April 29, 2010

dead in four weeks?!

PhotobucketThis is really important, because i have gain knowledge from last night's youth group. please don't think that im crazy. Four weeks ago my youth pastor started a new series. It was about knowing that if you died in 4 weeks, how would it affect you? And throughout the Wednesdays of each week, he showed how our lives would be changed. With a flash of reality, you realize that your life has been cut short. That test in math class wouldn't matter, nor graduating school would happen, nor going to college. All of it wouldn't matter, because you might die. Would it change you faith? Would you decide to pray differently?   Yes, i know these are some hard questions to ask, but this is life and we shouldn't take it for granted. And, after the 'final' praise songs that my youth sang and the fun activity games we played, our pastor started preaching. With in 20 minutes later, he tells us that we only 3 minutes before we die, he asked us this question: IF YOU HAD ONE THING TO SAY TO EVERYONE AFTER YOU DIED, WHAT TO DO AND/OR WHAT TO AVOID IN LIFE? With that said, we went into small groups to talk about it. In my group, we took a minute to think of what to say, and for myself. I mean, I didn't know what to say. I didn't wanted to say something funny, because i didn't wanted to be taken as a joke, but then i didn't wanted to say something too serious. I couldn't think of what to say. Then it hit, like a big yellow school bus, i remembered seeing this quote on a blog a couple of days ago -"To know that you might die tomorrow, you're thankful for living today." That would be what i would have to say about life. After we shared our answer, our pastor tells us to come back to the center and then announces that if we had died now, our lives would be over. There was a silence throughout the room. But then, he says: HOW WOULD YOU RESPOND IF YOU WERE NOT DYING, BUT ACTUALLY LIVING, YOUR THE ONE WITH LIFE AND ALL WHO'S AROUND YOU ARE DEAD AND DYING, DO YOU WANT TO SHARE CHRIST WITH THEM SO THAT THEY HAVE LIFE?

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