Thursday, January 30, 2014

Why I'm Late to Class

Friday, January 24, 2014

Help make a filmmaker's dream continue on!

Hello bloggers. I'm in need of your support. I have been accepted into the BFA Film program offered by the College of Arts & Humanities at the University of Central Florida. Out of 300 students that applied 30 have been accepted. I am passionate and honored to start this journey to become a Filmmaker. I see an environment where people come together that learn and create ideas to produce movies. This highlights and exemplifies all that our community has to offer. This goal will help build a path with amazing opportunities to continue to excel and thrive for the best. Thank you and God bless!


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Grapes of Wrath

Even though the critics didn't like that the movie was depressing and pretentious, it was still became a huge hit with the audience. The reason it was so popular was because it portrayed realism. With the Great Depression and the Dust Bowl, the farmers had to leave their land, which made matters more difficult and hard to cope with.  Families had to pack up, leave the homes they grow up and travel all the way to California to try to find work. Even though it was during a challenging time to live in,they had strength and courage to keep moving forward. When I watched this movie, I see that it captures the understanding of what happened in the 1930s. The audience could relate to the storytelling, because it showed the truth of the things they've been through. The actors did amazing job with delivering their lines and speeches. The Grapes of Wrath movie, showed that these poor people were trying to work together day by day just to survive. Its amazing movie that became greatly respected by the audience.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Cask of Amontillado

Revenge of a friend..

          In The Cast of Amontillado, the two guys were friends. Whatever happened in the past in the past, Montresor is still upset and is holding a grudge against his friend. I think that he gets even more upset, when he sees Fortunato has forgotten of what happened. And with that, Montresor seems to be excited about planning his friend's murder, because he has no idea what is about to come. I sad part about this is that, Montresor can't move on from the past, he is glad to kill Fortunato. The story theme foreshadows what is going to happen. There is darkness in the scenes and gives off a bad vibe to the story. Montresor slowly hints why he wants to kill Fortunato. The conversation between the two, the look in his eyes, and the leading to the dungeons are signs lead up to climax. They even talk about Fortunato's terrible cough. Montresor acts like he worries about him, but his cold heart couldn't care less. Fortunato says that his death, will not be ended because of his coughing. At that point, Montresor is thinking that this statement is true, because he will be the cause of his former friend's death.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A trip to the moon!

I loved watching the short film, A trip to the moon. It was great to see the amazing artwork that made the illusion of the secenry look so real. The actors were funny and witty. I liked that this film had storytelling in it. The best part was watching the special effects. I can see that this movie took a lot of preparation before shooting. Another thing that I found interesting was how captivating the movie was for 14 minutes. It doesn't seem like its a long movie, but during that time most films only lasted about one to two minutes. It was really amazing to see the techniques used for making the special effects in the film. This movie has so much imagination and creativity.  It shows that film making was starting to go into a new direction towards sci-fi.  If was one of the people watching a movie like this, I'll would have been blown away by all of the action and adventure it had. Back in 1902 it must have been a big anticipation just waiting for a film like this to be released. I can't imagine all the audiences' expression, when seeing people fight with aliens and watching astronomers getting blasted to the moon in a rocket. This movie is surely an escape from reality!