Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A trip to the moon!

I loved watching the short film, A trip to the moon. It was great to see the amazing artwork that made the illusion of the secenry look so real. The actors were funny and witty. I liked that this film had storytelling in it. The best part was watching the special effects. I can see that this movie took a lot of preparation before shooting. Another thing that I found interesting was how captivating the movie was for 14 minutes. It doesn't seem like its a long movie, but during that time most films only lasted about one to two minutes. It was really amazing to see the techniques used for making the special effects in the film. This movie has so much imagination and creativity.  It shows that film making was starting to go into a new direction towards sci-fi.  If was one of the people watching a movie like this, I'll would have been blown away by all of the action and adventure it had. Back in 1902 it must have been a big anticipation just waiting for a film like this to be released. I can't imagine all the audiences' expression, when seeing people fight with aliens and watching astronomers getting blasted to the moon in a rocket. This movie is surely an escape from reality!

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