Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Cask of Amontillado

Revenge of a friend..

          In The Cast of Amontillado, the two guys were friends. Whatever happened in the past in the past, Montresor is still upset and is holding a grudge against his friend. I think that he gets even more upset, when he sees Fortunato has forgotten of what happened. And with that, Montresor seems to be excited about planning his friend's murder, because he has no idea what is about to come. I sad part about this is that, Montresor can't move on from the past, he is glad to kill Fortunato. The story theme foreshadows what is going to happen. There is darkness in the scenes and gives off a bad vibe to the story. Montresor slowly hints why he wants to kill Fortunato. The conversation between the two, the look in his eyes, and the leading to the dungeons are signs lead up to climax. They even talk about Fortunato's terrible cough. Montresor acts like he worries about him, but his cold heart couldn't care less. Fortunato says that his death, will not be ended because of his coughing. At that point, Montresor is thinking that this statement is true, because he will be the cause of his former friend's death.

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