Friday, December 16, 2011

Underwater Photo Shoot

I'm going to have an underwater photo shoot with some of my friends this weekend. Trying to take advantage of the nice Florida weather we have.  Hopefully the water won't be cold. I was looking up some ideas of what kind of themes would be good to shoot and I came across these beautiful pictures of women in dresses. Looking at these pics gave me so much inspiration, I went through my closet looking for a dress I never wear. I had an idea to stop by a thrift store and see what I could find. 

I got a little carried away when I went shopping. These are the things I bought. The dresses that had a lot of fabric were a little high in price. I went to the fabric corner and found a pink see through curtain panel for only $4! I had this picture in mind when I saw it. The prices for everything I got were very good. I'm happy with the items it bought. I can't wait for the shoot!

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