Wednesday, November 9, 2011

What are you going to really do about it?

         The values I have is God, family and music. Each one has made me become aware of the life I have and taught me not to take things for granted. Knowing my weaknesses and fears make me want to achieve them. The deal is with my life is to become a movie director. My values are going to make me have faith in myself. I'm really to get over my fears, because its going to make me become stronger. Having a job as a movie director, is going to make me share the vision I have as a filmmaker.

       My values make me appreciate the things I have in my life. It's good to realize to be happy and content, because sometimes materialistic things can drag me to become a selfish person. And no, I'm not taking about the good type of selfish. Having my values give me discipline, and shows me the true meaning of why I'm here. They make me strive to become the best of what I can be. They are the foundation of my life and makes me want to fulfill the meanings of it. Understanding the values, gives me faith and hope in my life.

       I'm going to become a better person when I accomplish my fears and weaknesses that I have, because its all about trying to grow as a person. Being less stress out is something that I need to work on. I'm trying find ways of overcoming this, because its going to make me have a more healthier lifestyle. My fear in heights  were always a problem. Going on roller coasters have helped me a little, but its going to take a lot more. When I get this fear on control, I can be able to enjoy it. I hope I can look out a window of a skyscraper or overlook the view on a mountain top; without being scared. Another thing I want is to become an artist. After learning how to draw, paint, and sculpt, I'll put my skills to the test. I'll be able to apply the knowledge I'll have and creating artwork that expresses feelings and emotions, that sometimes can't be said by words, but rather through art.

      The dream of becoming an film director is the deal in my life. Working to create an motion picture for everyone to see it more than what I could ask for. This is what makes me want to achieve when I graduate college. This why I'm going to college; to make this dream come true. I have so much passion for this field I hope that someday I'll become a famous movie director and work on movies that would be shown in theaters. 

        I'm going to make the best out of my life and going to go for my dreams and will be working hard in school. I will learn to become a better person and knowing what I got. Being happy and finding what I want in life will make me realize that's what it's all about through life's journey. It's going to teach me to grow, love, and respect the blessings I have in my life.

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