Saturday, October 22, 2011

Analyze: J.K. Rowling and the Harry Potter books

     With the best-selling books of the of the Harry Potter series, J.K. Rowling has become the wealthiest woman in the United Kingdom. She created the story of a young boy who finds out that he is a wizard and enters an unforgettable world of magic. The Harry Potter books have captivated an international phenomenon. The reasons why it has become so popular, are because of the unique characters, the dealing of relationships, and how the story itself expands to an audience of not only appealing to children but also to adults as well.

     Taking a look back, the people throughout Joanne's life, where the inspirations of the characters in the book. During her youth, she lived four houses away from a the Potter family, Joanne got the idea of using their last name for Harry's. The children in the family played with Joanne and her sister. They dressed up and pretended to be wizards. One of the siblings, Ian, always had a liking of pranking his sister, Vikki. The 'up to no good'  brother, went to become the building blocks of Harry's best friend's older twin brothers.Another thing I found interesting, is that her mean math teacher, Mrs. Morgan that had placed Jo in the 'stupid row', gave the personality traits to a cold and strict teacher, Processor Snape.

      Joanne's relationships dealt with in her in her life, had given the readers understand of reality. Death had became a main role throughout the books. Harry's parents were killed when he was just a baby. Joanne's mother had died after ten years fighting with the cancer MS. The relationship between mother and child with the love that is shared, seems to me that, it was written to show how in the good wins over the bad. One thing I noticed that the books were dedicated to her sister, mother, and children, but never to her father. Maybe it had to do with the fact that shortly after her mother's death, her father, Peter, remarried another woman. This made me questioned if Joanne was upset enough to give the name of character, Peter Pettigrew, who happened to become a betrayer to his friends. On the more brighter side, Ron Weasley, Harry Potter's best friend was influenced by Joanne's best friend, Sean Harris.They had become friends in Joanne's last year at her high school.  His old turquoise Ford Anglia car, which they would go for rides to get away from the tough times in life, made two appearances in the second book. One time in the beginning, where the car takes them off to the Hogwarts school and the another at the end of the book where it saves the boys' lives.

      The story of the book, shows different likenesses to a divers group of readers. I have a sense that J.K. Rowling understands how children feel like when they have no powers in a ruling world of adults. When Harry was told he is a famous wizard, made me have so much pride and joy for being a kid. And for the adults, well, having an independence of powers and the story has a way of bringing them back to their childhood, makes them have an admiration for Harry. Joanne's story welcomes anyone that reads the books to a world of imagination she has created. I am so thankful for Joanne's book. She has made reading fun and enjoying in a time where children turned to play video games and watched more tv. She has helped into getting kids to explore reading books again.

      Harry Potter has been a big part of my life as to many other people as well. I've read all seven books, which means I've stuck through with Harry, until the end. J.K. Rowling has been kept the story of the books true to the herself and to the die hard fans. There is a way that readers can connect to the books and also have the knowledge behind the magic.

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