Wednesday, May 26, 2010

strengthen what remains

I pray to God tonight to make me a much stronger person than I am normally, because I've so stressed out with these weeks coming up, I have becoming really sick. Sick to the point where I'm starting to think the way I feel is normal, which its not. Breathing has been difficult, with this killer cough I've got. Sometimes making me feel like I gotta throw up and becoming violent coughs that begins suddenly, especially when I'm about to go to sleep. And now I gotta deal with that. Its been hard sleeping, even taking 3 different cough medicines (they weirdly have been making it worse), I just feel so hopeless and afraid that I won't get better before all this graduation parties and events=[ The art show was today, I worked so hard on putting up all my art work, and for not even getting one damn award. I'm so disappointed when I see that some of these kids that put no passion in their work and and they're the ones getting the awards. I need to stop worry about this crap and just be happy that in the end I tried my best. I really need to try to sleep tonight. I love you so much God. Even though I sometimes feel like I go through this life alone, I know I'll always have You with me by my side- through Jesus Christ, Your Son, our Lord, and the Holy Spirit, I pray Amen.

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