Friday, November 5, 2010


Hello there, bloggers. I had some time on my hands and I wanted to share some pics that I took at the Thai Temple and Busch Gardens, a week ago. So, anyways, things have been pretty good. I've been getting ready for college. I'm starting classes in January. My life is going to shift from hanging out and getting coffee at Borders to staying up late nights writing endless essays and studying for math tests. Well, I'll cherish every happy moment of the rest of the year of what I have left and hope for the best when school starts. enjoy the pictures =]

My brother likes to take pictures of my me when I'm not ready =/ 

 We parked behind the temple next to Mr. Bumper Sticker King. There's so much American people here now, I rarely see any Thai people. 

My friend Scrappers, (not really) I just named him that.

 And so after the crowd started leaving, we hit the road to go to BG.

 Whoops, forgot to focus.. 

 thats better =D

He's so cute <3

 They're twins =}

 I really like this one^^

Christian standing with electronic tree =D 

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