Sunday, May 1, 2011

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Movie vs Book

     Out of the seven Harry Potter books , the third installment, “ Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban” is clearly the best out of the series. Audience were excited to see the movie when it came out in theaters, but there was a big difference from the book. The film makers made the movie complicated to understand and they changed the amazing work that J.K Rowling put into her third book. Although the Harry Potter movie was enjoyable to watch, it wasn't true to the book; a lot of the scenes were rearranged, important characters were ignored, and the movie portrayed a  darker story than the book intended.

     The most obvious change from the writer's book and the film maker's movie was the arrange of the scenes. Professor Lupin was one of the teachers at the Hogwarts School, was a werewolf who remained human by taking antidotes which Professor Snape made for him. In the movie, Snape was never willing to do such a thing. His character was displayed of jealously towards Lupin for becoming the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher . Snape was again left to teach Potions for another year. The dialog of the actors was very similar to what was written in the book, however, some scenes were crammed together while others dragged on. The part when Harry was talking to a teacher, had taken up too much time valuable time, which could have included some funny scenes from the book.

     The movie had forgotten about some important characters. Hermione's cat Crookshanks was shown as a normal cat, but the writer made the character more helpful to the cat's owner. When a large black dog dragged Harry's best friend, Ron Wesley, under the Whomping Willow, Harry, Hermione and Crookshanks, ran in after them. Crookshanks, a clever cat, knew the secret knob to stop the crazy tree from killing them all with its branches and made it become still. The film made Harry and Hermione fight for their lives against the tree. Then they were picked up by it and thrown into the underground tunnel with cuts and bruises on them. Another character was ignored completely.  Cho Chang, was Harry's first crush. They when Harry's Quidditch team was up against her team. Shockingly, the film makers made a big mistake by not putting a very anticipated character in the movie. 

     This film was meant to be shown to kids, a lot were taken by surprise that  the movie had a darker storyline. Scenes had a feeling of being depressed and also was drained of life. Out of all the Quidditch games the film makers picked the one when Harry was attacked by a dementor (a black hooded creature that feeds off human happiness) and lefted out the scene when his team wins the house cup. That was the best part of the book.  The movie took away most of the joy of coming back to the school as J.K Rowling had written and the fear of the student's lives was more of the plot. 

     With all the things the film had done; changing this great Harry Potter book seemed to as if it was trying to out do the writer. This wasn't the right thing to do, because it had made the real fans of the book, sadden by the making of a beloved children's novel. Making the movie more of a blockbuster's hit was the on the do to list, but if it was as loyal to the book, then more than likely, it would had had more of an impacted on the Harry Potter fans and gain better respect from others.

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