Friday, June 24, 2011

Recycling water bottles says the average plastic bottle takes 500 years to decompose. 38 billion water bottles are filling up landfills instead of being reused. Just by recycling your plastic bottles, you will be helping the environment, saving the animals, and giving water bottles a new use.

The first thing I would like to start off with is that when you choose to recycle your water bottles, your saving the environment. Think about it, when water bottles are not recycled, and end up in landfills and in incinerators. If a water bottle is burned, it releases toxic smoke which destroys the ozone layer (which we need to protect us from UV rays and skin cancer).   

So you know why you should help our environment by recycling bottles. The next thing you can do is save the lives of birds and fish by recycling your water bottles. When they are thrown in the trash, bottles are also ending up our oceans. Over 100 million marine mammals and turtles are killed every year by plastic in the ocean.

Now that you have heard about how recycling water bottle by helping our environment and save animals, the last reason to recycle your water bottles that your giving them a new usage. says that rather than taking up space in landfills, plastic water bottles can have a second life as a completely different product. Depending on the type of plastic the bottle is composed of, it can be recycled into pillow stuffing, carpeting, clothing, and car parts.

These are the reasons why should recycle your plastic water bottles; because you are helping the environment, saving lives of animals, and giving plastic bottles a new use. Earth is our home, we have to keep it clean. I'm asking you to do the right the thing, choose to recycle your water bottle than throwing it away.

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