Wednesday, July 13, 2011

speech class


    Hope everyone is well, if anyone is there. Today I went to Speech Class. I worked on my group speech. There's four people, but one girl won't be able to come to class on the day on the speech so I doing her part, but she still going to help out by writing the outline. We're doing a marketing speech. It's going to be our 4th and last speech for the class. The idea of our project, is to take a product that's all ready been made and build more creative things with it. I suggested to market the prefect sunglasses. My grouped liked the idea and came up with a name. 

     We called the sunglasses, Triple Vision 3.0. It's mirrored, so you could see behind you. Next, with a push of a button on the side, the night vision would start -helping you see through the dark. There is the availability of getting them in prescription. With this feature, they can change from light to dark just like Transitions brand. Lastly, the price for these prefect sunglasses are a whole lot cheaper than the designer brands. Our prices are under $100. They have a style that can be beat! They look just like any other sunglasses, but can do three to an optional four more things that a normal pair of sunglasses can't.  


  1. lol the name sounds so cool!! nice marketing speech btw :D

  2. Thanks=] Its due on Monday, and I'm so nervous to give the speech. There's over 30 people in my class!