Tuesday, December 21, 2010

all you have to do is..


I'm so tired with all this college sign up stuff, I was running around the school like a cockroach trying to find this person, go to this class, go to the bookstore, take this test, sign these papers, etc. I'm finally done with everything. I just need to buy my books, I'm getting them on ebay, of course, which is saving me $100 =] And with that done, I can use it to buy my last souvenirs from Busch Gardens and Disney World. My passes end in the beginning of January, but not to worry, my dad is going to get the family year passes to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure!! yay! I get to see Harry Potter! I grew up reading and watching the movies and now I get to see it in person! I'm totally going to dress up. Man, dreams do come true.

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  1. Trust me in the long run you will be happy.

    Oh btw, love the shirt, as a matter of fact, love the picture in general.