Sunday, April 17, 2011

Body Piercing

          Expressing a person's body can be shown by body piercings. While it can be a creative way of showing off the body through this type of art, some people are highly against of changing their body. Piercings are considered stylish for young adults, but it comes with a few effects right after and also later on in life, such as, having health risks, succeeding with jobs, and growing up from the earlier days.
The main problem when getting a body piercing is the the healing process. As for myself, the pain of getting the piercing done, was nothing to what happened afterwards. I was crying everyday for a week, because my ears became so puffy and red. I had to clean them so that they wouldn't get effected by any bacteria. They finally healed in about month and a half later. Some of my friends had their gotten their ears pierced also, but some where allergic to certain metals and ended getting them removed. These are only the minor effects of piercings.

The next thing is that, when a person goes out into the real world, there are going to be some people going to look down on the art expresser. It would seem much harder for a person with multiple piercings, that is trying to get hired, than person without them. Businesses are not looking for their future employ with a face full of piercings. They are looking for the right worker that'll make their company look good. A person can still get the job even with piercings, but there will most likely be policies and codes that will not allow any.

Moving on later on in life, body piercing would not be as cool as it was once was. Throughout life people change, and some may get tired of the old body priecing phase and they'll look for new ways that would be more suitable for expressing themselves. There are going to be other priorities more important than showing off a body piercing. When a person enters parenthood, he or she may want to set a good example for their child.

Body piercing may seem a fun way to express ourselves, but there are reasons to consider afterwards. In young adulthood, piercings would most likely impress the minority of people that where only interested in that kind of style, while the majority wouldn't even care about it.  A person may think of getting a body piercing, but knowing of the effects first, can help decide whether its even worth it.

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