Sunday, April 17, 2011

The effects of my first job.

I was in eleventh grade when I had gotten my first job. My parents weren't that excited about me going to work. They mostly wanted me to focus on my school and not money. I wanted to get a job, because I was got tired of asking my parents for cash. My best friend worked as a waitress at her Dad's Thai Restaurant. She told me that they needed some help and she asked me if I wanted to work there. I thought it would be so much fun working with my best friend and so I said yes. When I got to the restaurant, I was so unaware of what I was suppose to be doing. She helped me a lot and explained the rules. I knew I wouldn't be able to be a waitress the first day, because I didn't have enough time to study the menu. I ended helping out with, seats, drinks, and cleaning up the tables. It was so busy, I was rushing everywhere trying to help out the waitresses. At the end of the day I made seventy dollars in tips. For not even being a waitress, that was sure a lot of money for working a couple of hours. I continued working there, because it made me become independent. I started to save up my money, than buying things I didn't need. Having that first job, made me realized how much I had to work for, to earn the money.

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