Friday, October 21, 2011

What do I value?

What do I value?

When asked, 'What do I value?', I was thinking in a way of how that defines the question, 'What do I love?'.  There many things I feel that are important to me, but above all Jesus, my family and music, are the highest values in my life.

I am blessed that I'm here living this beautiful life, and its all worth it because of Jesus Christ. He took not just my sins, but took everyone's sins away when He died on the cross. Jesus has given me the faith to believe in Him for salvation. He was devoted to God and even though Jesus had to go through the terrible things in His life, He persevered and reached goals. I live my life to the fullest, because in my heart I know that Jesus is my strength.

For all the times I've been through, if its good or bad my family is always there for me. All the tasks that I have in life, they have given me support and encouragement. My parents help me through school and work, showing me how to become prepared for the real world. My mother is an amazing cook and teaches me to how to cook Thai food, so one day I'll be able to cook for my own family just the way my mom does. My father and I are both free spirited artist people. He tells me to go for my dreams and make what I can out of my life. And I guess I can't forget my brother. He is the only person I have know almost my whole life and even though we fight and bicker, we also love each other.

The last thing I truly value is music. There are times when I feel hurt, angry, sad, or just frustrated, but when I listen to music, it makes me feel better. I even play the drums or the piano to free my mind of stress. The sound of the beat or the slightest touch of the keys, makes me opens my heart and spirit to the world of imagination. Things are only half as good if there wasn't any music. The actors in movie can give all what they got, but with no soundtrack, it wouldn't have really capture and emphasis the real meaning of the movie.  Star Wars, Harry Potter, Indiana Jones, Memoirs of a Geisha, Jurassic Park and Jaws wouldn't have been as memorable, if it wasn't for the work of composer, John Williams. Listening to just to only a few seconds of the music can recapture the feeling and emotion of the movie's theme.

I'm glad say that my life has given and taught me values. They are things I'll always will hold on to and nobody can take that away. I'm thankful for the importance of what they have on my life. The death of Christ had made all of them possible. My family is what I treasure the most and being able to listen so music is will always be inspiring to me.

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